It’s been a while since I’ve written. Part of that was intentional, to take a short break after unloading for like 9-10 months, but i wasn’t expecting the break to be this long. It was open ended actually. I’ve been dabbing in the process of creating ideas and that’s been about it the past few weeks.

I’ve felt the need to stop and rest. I’ve felt the need to assess and to consider whether the season of writing on specifically encouragement is over? Or maybe it never really ends? Perhaps it’s just chance to look at other things and write about them as well?

I chose the picture here for its reflection. Everything here looks still and perfect. The dark clouds are ominous but the surrounds are beautiful and take centre stage. The reflection here is pretty cool. It reminds me that you can see life in different ways when you reflect. The image of life will be similar but it will look slightly different as you interpret it differently.

For me the chance to reflect has been a chance to consolidate. It’s been a chance to simplify and remind myself of the things I want to be doing and the way i reflect in the eyes of others. Sometimes we move in life without thought as to what we’re doing. Like on autopilot or autocue. We do things because we do things. Sometimes we need that health check or as it was termed to me recently “the heart check”.

The heart check figures to determine where your heart lies. Do the internal decisions we make match up with the external declarations we make?? It’s a great question to ask ourselves!

The reflection we see always gives us something to look at, something to react towards. It’s gives us a place to determine what we see through our own eyes.

What do you see when you reflect? And does it match what you desire internally within your heart? Does your heart then match with the things you declare externally each day, week? It’s a question well worth asking ourselves.

As for me, my heart sits in a good place. My reflection is not far from where I’d like it to be. Sure, there are things to improve on but they are small things & its more the reminder to keep following basic principles

Photo cr: @vibfi

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