“The Holy Spirit is leading me in new ways. In ways which feel deeper to me. He is taking me higher, transcending to a new place or space. The conversation in our walk has become more personal. It’s purpose seems very intentional. It feels of greater importance for me. It’s of a greater richness.

Everything before this was planned so that I was able reach this place. Now I am able to live in this new moment. And the beauty of it all is that this moment will teach me new things, it will reveal greater revelations and he will reveal even more yet again when he is ready“.

Above is something I wrote much earlier in 2021. It all happened one morning. I just wrote a few words down that just flowed. What I then saw over time was that it grew. Not so much the words that I wrote but the experience those words represented. As I sat there and listened to God and this intentional direction for me I realised that it’s something that happens on his time, for a moment he knew would come. His timing is perfect and measured. We don’t always see it as His timing and want things on our time but I have my head around that now.

He will fill me up with SO much of his goodness. I read scripture in which he asked,

“Do you not see what I am already doing?”

Yes, Father. I see clearly what you are doing. My faith expands in these moments. It expands because our journey together has allowed me to grow and to see what I previously could not see.

I am discerning things with greater regularity and accuracy. It all looks so much clearer now. The lies and the truth are separable. But more than that, He is teaching me to discern the spiritual aspects of those battles I may encounter on my journey.

I am seeing things clearer.

Many months ago He caught my attention with references time and time again about eyes and vision.

They just kept coming.

Sometimes they were scriptures. Sometimes they were just words that kept reappearing. Sometimes they were the words of others spoken in to me. The theme though was strong.

What were they to mean?

It was a period of a few weeks where the spotlight was drawn to my relationship with God. People speaking of my eyes drawn and focused completely on God. Focus became a key word. It became a word where his presence was felt, like he was calling out “focus” to me.

So what do you do there? You focus! You focus on him and fix your eyes on him. Later on I would listen to a sermon and it was put this way:

“The only thing that matters is that you connect with God and get the word that he has for you”.

Do we not realise that he’s after the complete affection of our heart? To gain the complete affection of our hearts he first requires our focus. Our complete focus. We must give him our full attention.

A few months beyond this earlier period of being called to focus I received the word “Clarity” at a wedding.

It was this wonderful idea where the bride and groom took turns at writing words on a card for each of their guests. These words would sit on the table where the guests would sit at the reception . A word that could be spoken in to the guests that day.

Clarity was a word I”d not received before. I had to take a moment to let it sink in. But it quickly became apparent that this word was a word that had God’s truth all over it. I spoke briefly to two close friends who were with me at that moment. They agreed and spoke in to me the way in which Clarity was indeed a part of who I am. This was also an example of God letting me see something that was previously unseen by me yet
I could see it in that moment. I could see just where clarity was part of my identity. But God’s design goes further than just giving me that word. That word then breathes life in to me. Clarity becomes more than just a word. It grows within me. It does something within me that builds me up, he uses that space to bring clarity to and for others.

When I live out my design the way he intends, it does things for his kingdom. When you live out your design, using your gifts, you are doing the same thing. You are doing things for His kingdom by His design.

Focus on what you have. Not what you can’t control” (Steven Furtick).

The above quote is one I thought about for a while. Straight away it leads you to look at yourself, your spiritual self.

What is it that God has called you in to?

Where is it that God is leading you towards?

What is it that is on your heart time and time again??

God is leading you down that road for a reason!

Exodus 4 provides us with a brilliant example of how God does this when he interacts with Moses and asked him to lead the children of Israel in to the promised land. In particular verses 1-2 highlight what I want to focus on here;

But Moses protested again, “What if they won’t believe me or listen to me? What if they say, ‘The Lord never appeared to you’?” Then the Lord asked him, “What is that in your hand?” “A shepherd’s staff,” Moses replied.

Exodus 4:1‭-‬2 NLT

Moses was so concerned about what “they” would think that he didn’t realise he had all he needed. God showed him this when he replied “what is that in your hand?”

The way God directs Moses couldn’t be more clear to me. He draws him back to focus. He draws him to focus by reminding him that he has all he needs. It is already within him. He has it in his hands. God has provided all that he needs. He need not to worry about what they might think.

This blog is one that I’ve sat on for months. Much of the earlier part was written around March 2021. It’s now late July. Inside that time you see a journey. You see a way in which God has worked. He’s allowed clarity to form. At times he’s used our daily interactions to make his point. At other times he’s used the words of others. Some words intentional, other words perhaps ones where their impact was unknown to them at the time.

That is how our Father works. It’s by his design. Even in our uniqueness he has figured it out and will execute it if you listen to him. What I see now is that this experience with God has taught me the value of focus. He constantly asks us to draw near to Him and that if we do that he will draw near to us.

And finally, back to clarity. For years I sat in awe of my favourite bands who would come up with the best lyrics. Lyrics that just hit you where you feel it most.

Song writers, like story tellers, seem to often write the words that we ourselves feel. But more than that, sometimes their words speak what we feel Inside and for whatever reason we haven’t been able to articulate them ourselves. We see the words or hear them and find revelation in that moment!

That is the magic of having people speak things or write things that hit us in the feels. Sometimes we just need to be given the words meant for us. Why? Because they bring us clarity. Clarity is like sitting upon the clearest of blue sky days at most the pristine of locations with the clearest of waters at your feet. There’s something about it which just feels right and it feels good! It’s revelation and growth, together. It’s even better when you know it involves our heavenly Father.